Buy Terratrike Gran Tourismo in Sacramento

Luxury Sedan with Sports Car like Handling - Tourismo

A new recumbent from Terratrike, named as Gran Tourismo is available for trike riders at our LBC recumbent store in Sacramento. Gran Tourismo is designed with an alluring sophistication to deliver mind blowing performance as an ultimate touring machine.

Gran Tourismo is designed by incorporating the result of last 20 years Terratrike innovation and customers feedback over its original Tour trike. It is expected to be the most comfortable Terratrike launched till date to offer best handling on road experience.

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Recumbent Trikes for Kids – Outdoor Fun Activities

Recumbent Trikes for Kids – Gateway to Outdoor Fun Activities

Today, most of the children’s outdoor fun activities are retiring to the backseat as most of them prefer to get engaged in unhealthy indoor activities as compared to the many adventurous and exciting outdoor fun activities. Recumbent trikes for kids is the right gateway to help them get involved in outdoor activities. No doubts, technology has changed drastically in the last 10 years alone and there are countless advances that technology had provided. It includes advances in the medical and communication industries to name a few. But advances in technology can also have some not so positive effects, especially on our children.

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TerraTrike Traveler – A Portable Recumbent Trike for Travelers

Introducing TerraTrike Traveler Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Traveler is one of the newest portable recumbent trikes introduced in the market. This new recumbent trike has had instant popularity and is even being called a “Game-Changer” in the recumbent industry. So you must be thinking: “What makes this recumbent trike so awesome?” The answer is simple – IT FOLDS! Yes the TerraTrike Traveler is designed to be compact and portable, quite handy for travelers who want to carry the trike with them on their fun trips.

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