TerraTrike Tour II and Tour II 26

Recumbent Trike Tour II 26 Review Bryan J. Ball
By Bryan J. Ball
Managing Editor – BentriderOnline.com
Posted on March 21, 2012

About this time last year, TerraTrike’s model line-up was approximately as long and confusing as a Leonardo DiCaprio film. There was the Rover, Rambler, Path, Cruiser, Tour, Zoomer and Tandem. To make matters even more complicated, most of those models were available in several different trim levels. This was all fine and good when TerraTrike was a smaller manufacturer, but now that they’ve grown into the largest recumbent company in the country, something had to change.

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TerraTrike’s New Tour II Recumbent TrikeTerraTrike’s New Tour II recumbent trike is a combo of The Path, Cruiser and Tour all into one. The basic design has been around for a decade but has had a few updates.

The Tour II steering linkage has been changed to improve the trike’s turning radius. It’s comes with a chromoly steel frame and has the same comfortable mesh seat that comes on all TerraTrike models. TerraTrike offers it with 3 boom choices with the most popular being medium and large. The new sliding seat mount makes sizing adjustments easier than previous models.

The Tour II comes in three different specs starting with a 8-speed model, 24 speed Base model and capping out with the Pro Model.

The Tour II Base Model 24-speed MicroShift drivetrain and Bengal disc brakes all worked impressively.

TerraTrike comes with 40 psi tires that provide a comfortable ride but some riders may want a faster higher pressure tire such as the Schwable Marathon’s as an option.

The Tour II comes in a bright yellow color which provide a nice sporty feel as well as good visibility.

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TerraTrike Sportster

TerraTrike Sportster Review
By Larry Varney
Co-Editor – BentriderOnline.com
Posted on January 12, 2012

One recumbent trike manufacturer that has seen much success in recent years is TerraTrike. Part of the reason is price: the Rover opened up an entirely new entry level trike pricepoint. And yet, some people wanted a little bit more – and then they unveiled the Rambler. Both of these trikes offered features that many buyers wanted, especially a comfortable ride on a trike that did not force them to squat very low. Yes, both trikes have been big hits, and while many of the more vociferous owners rebelled against any talk of “performance” – after all, they were riding them for far better reasons than “speed” – there were some out there who were thinking, how nice it would be to have the no-squat attribute with not just a bit more speed, but considerably more. In fact, these buyers would be willing to pay more, too. The result? Come join me in a ride on the new TerraTrike Sportster.

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TerraTrike Unveils New Tour II

TerraTrike Unveils New Tour II
By Travis Prebble
Posted on November 14, 2011

The New Tour II is an upgrade to the platform which included the Path, long-time best seller Cruiser as well as the original Tour models. TerraTrike earlier this year discontinued both only to now be rolled into the new Tour II.

The new Tour II will feature the same award winning frame design along with a few new twists. Standard now on all models are the locking ProMax brake levers as well as a new tighter turning radius and still featuring linkage steering. It also comes standard with the new sliding seat bracket that is currently being used on the Rambler model. This allows for quick adjustments between riders of similar leg length and gives the seat a sleeker look.

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TerraTrike Tandem

TerraTrike Tandem Review
By John Axen
RTR Magazine
Posted on June, 2004

Unless you have been stranded on desert island for the last couple of years I am certain you have noticed the popularity of recumbent trikes has been phenomenal. They allow people with physical limitations or balance issues to enjoy the benefits of getting out in the fresh air and riding with other cyclists. Then there are those of us who have no limitations, other than mental, who are totally fascinated by recumbent trikes as well. Call it the “Big Wheel Syndrome”. I was always envious of the little kids roaring up and down the sidewalks on their big wheel trikes because they appeared to be having so much fun. The fact that I was fully grown limited any participation. Whatever the reason, recumbent trikes are definitely “in”!

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TerraTrike TTT Tandem – I Love a Parade

TerraTrike TTT Tandem Review
By Larry Varney
Co-Editor – BentriderOnline.com
Posted on September 18, 2003

There are things in life that we regret doing, but there are also those things that we regret not doing. One of the latter for me the Fourth of July Parade in Carmel, Indiana in 2002. Mike McDowell of Valley Bikes in Carmel had announced it on the web, inviting everyone to stop by his shop and participate as a group.

This seemed like it would be a fun thing to do. And, there would be the bonus of stopping by his store. There are three types of stores that I love to wander around in – computers, books, and bikes. Toss in the fact that this is a bike store with lots of recumbents – and quite possibly more recumbent trikes on display than anywhere else in the country – and, it’s located literally beside a rail-trail that makes it great for test rides. So, it’s hard to believe that I passed up the chance to participate.

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