Road Safety Tips for Recumbent Trike Riders

Safety Tips for Recumbent Trike Riders

Applying common sense and reacting to the given situation rationally could help you keep yourself and people around you safe. In fact, it is the most important safety tip to be followed by all the recumbent trike riders. In general, follow all the traffic rules and be vigilant of the street traffic. Lives are precious, whether it is yours or it is the person in front of you.

You might be shocked to know that around 19,000 cyclists are injured or killed in the United States every year, although it doesn’t means that trike riding is a risky affair. Statistics show that around 80{1603412a7d9e235bc2262b7f3ef07f27b0f0da4c7a911810d5b09776c009474c} of these accidents take place even during daylight hours and the majority of these accidents involve adult recumbent trike riders.

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