TerraTrike Adventures: You Call This Retirement?

Terratrike Adventure?

Warm sea breezes tickling your face and tousling your hair as you cruise a meandering oceanside route in sunny Southern California. Soft, sandy shores stretch westward toward the crashing Pacific on one side of you; on the other side, lush grasses carpet the lawns in shades of fluorescent green … and in the distance, the gently sloping range of the Santa Ynez Mountains hovers almost mirage-like, hazy beneath the deep blue baby’s eye of a Southern California sky.

Excerpt from a dream vacation?

The kind of magical moment you might experience if you decided to rent a ’65 Fairlane convertible in San Diego and take it all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway, perhaps?

Try your daily commute to work. Or David Lawson’s daily commute to work, rather. For ten years, the 60-something-year-old resident of Santa Barbara blithely bypassed Southern California’s notoriously overcrowded highways in favor of a commute by recumbent trike.

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There is only one good reason for riding recumbents. Not because they are incredibly comfortable, or because they cut through the air so efficiently, or because they involve you in the most exciting developments in cycling technology. No, you ride them because they are fun.


These bikes are now at an advanced stage of development. They all work, perfectly. So there has never been a better time to come down to the shop and take some bikes out for a test ride.

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