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Laid Back Cycles recumbent trikes! Relax, Lay Back and Ride Trikes.

Laid Back Cycles is a premier specialty Recumbent Trike Shop located in Sacramento, Bay Area and Northern CA. Our goal is to be THE premiere Trike source in all of California. We have the know-how to custom fit a trike just for you. We carry the full range of trikes from TerraTrike, Catrike, Greenspeed, KMX, Sun Trikes, WizWheelz and more. We have more TerraTrike models of Recumbent trikes in stock than anyone else!

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and easily accessible. Have a question? Just call or email!

We service from WizWheelz TerraTrikes, Greenspeed, KMX Karts, Sun Trikes, Big Cat, HPV, Catrikes, HP Velotechnik, ICE Trice, Intrepid Hand Trikes and more.

“Take a test ride or rental along the American River Bike Trail”

Laid Back Cycles Recumbent Trike Shop is your Premier Recumbent Trike Dealer Source for Recumbent Bicycles, Recumbent Trikes and Recumbent Trike Store.

Visit Laid Back Cycles to Test Ride a Recumbent Trike, 3 Wheel Bicycle, Recumbent, Tandem Recumbent, Three Wheel Bicycle, Trike Bicycle, Recumbent Bike at one of our Stores in Fair Oaks, CA store in Sacramento Valley.

We are your NorCal Recumbent Trike Source!

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