3 New GreenSpeed Trikes 2019

3 New GreenSpeed Trikes Are Here

The Magnum BW (Big Wheel) has a 26” rear wheel which improves the look of the Magnum, and keeps the rear derailleur and chain higher for off road use. It has been available since

June. The best news is that the price is only $3,490 USD. The 1st initial Magnum BW shipment has now landed, so if you are interested, please order online or call our store for more details.

  • Greater Stability with Big Wheels
  • Virtual Suspension for Comfort
  • Performance Efficient & Fast
  • Big Wheel and Gearing
  • Power Assist Option (See LBC350)
  • Superb Steering System
  • Strong, Light, Folding Frame


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The X7 Sports Trike is lightweight foldable trike with 30 speeds with 16” wheels which have both less inertia and lower rolling resistance than the traditional 20” inch wheels, giving both better acceleration and higher speeds with a 28/42/56 triple crankset. Unlike the Aero, but like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height.

These trikes are presently on the water, and will arrive in the USA and AU in September. Details to be on the web site shortly, and full information is available from GreenSpeed on request.

GreenSpeed X7 Sports Trike

The X7 is designed as a Sports Trike to fill the gap between our Aero Race Trike and our GT20 Light Touring Trike. While not as extreme as the very low, no compromise, Aero, it is faster, and has better handling and road holding, than the more upright GT20. Plus, unlike the Aero, it folds for transport. $3,490 USD.

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The GT20 – RS Trike is a GT20 trike with rear suspension. For the RS, the gear train has been upgraded from a 24 speed system to a 27 speed system. Like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height. And is available in red, blue, green, yellow and orange. $3,490 USD.

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Laid Back Cycles has the best of what the world of recumbents has to offer. Call us for details or come in for a test ride!

Recumbent Cycle-Con 2018 otherwise known as RCC is in Nashville this year. This will be the 7th Recumbent Cycle-Con show, which has grown to be the largest recumbent show in the world.

The beginning of Laid Back Cycles started when Mickey the founder of LBC decided to check out what is now the largest recumbent show in the world, RCC. Mickey met Jeff of Terratrike and Ian of Greenspeed and built what has become an amazing strategic relationship with. Later Mickey joined forces with Catrike as well to bring their trikes to LBC.


Recumbent Cycle-Con

At RCC you will have the opportunity to test ride many different recumbents from manufacturers from all over the world, speak face to face with the manufacturers, and talk to dealers and owners from all over the USA. You may also see Mickey walking around checking out what’s new and shooting the bull with other industry leaders.

This year the show will be in Nashville, Tennessee, at Nashville Fairgrounds, 625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. It will be in the Agriculture Building, which at over 20,000 square feet, it is larger than last year’s hall in Philadelphia. This year the official hotel will be the Hyatt Place Nashville/Brentwood, 202 Summit View Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027 USA




Saturday, October 13 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday Admission $10.00

Sunday, October 14 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday Admission is FREE with preregistration.

On Saturday and Sunday, the show opens to recumbent enthusiasts as well as industry members, who will enjoy seeing all the newest in recumbent bikes, trikes, tandems, gear and equipment, meet with factory staff and representatives from the major recumbent builders and accessory suppliers, and ride all the latest recumbent bikes and trikes on our Outdoor Demo Arena.


Who Will Be There?
Since 2011, the  Recumbent Cycle-Con has grown to become the largest gathering of the recumbent industry in North America. The list of our RC-C Exhibitors is a “who’s who” of the most prominent companies, in the recumbent business:

Alpaca Carriers,  ATOC – 2018 Booth #49Avenue Trikes – 2018 Booth #38AZUB Bike  – 2018 Booth #22Bacchetta Bikes – 2018 Booth #43Bend It Cycling – 2018 Booth #10, Big Leaf Canopies – 2018 Booth #3, BentRider Online – 2018 Booth #16, Catrike – 2018 Booth #48,  Easy Load Ramps – 2018 Booth #1, Falco eMotors – 2018 Booth #21, Greenspeed – 2018 Booth #5, Hase Bikes – 2018 Booth #42, HP Velotechnik – 2018 Booth #47ICE Trikes – 2018 Booth #44Laidback Bike Report – 2018 Booth #14Lightning Cycle Dynamics – 2018 Booth #19,   Performer Recumbents – 2018 Booth #35, RANS Recumbents – 2018 Booth #20

Time to go PINK!… Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Pink Terratrike Gran Tourismo is now available For Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TerraTrike has released the Gran Tourismo x16 and x20 packages in a Pink Edition. The pink GT will come with a special edition TerraTrike pink ribbon flag extension.

Your purchase will help support the fight against breast cancer. TerraTrike will donate $15.00 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every Pink Gran Tourismo sold.

Limited quantities so let us know at LBC if you want one 916-619-1003

Command the Road and Attention

The Gran Tourismo is alluringly sophisticated with exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine. With a nod to the original Tour, the GT is the culmination of over 20 years of continued innovation and customer feedback, resulting in the most comfortable and best handling TerraTrike to date.

Sporty Yet Elegant Design

The sporty yet elegant design is harmoniously coordinated conveying both aesthetics and dynamics. Engineered from the ground up to be efficient, beautiful and comfortable, it handles like a sports car but rides like a luxury sedan.

The most noticeable change is the Y-frame design which gives added strength while allowing for additional heel clearance and ease in getting in and out. The equally noticeable triangulated rear end adds pedaling efficiency, better aerodynamics, reduced pedal steer and lower center of gravity so that you “stick” to the road even at higher speeds. The chro-moly steel frame is durable, more comfortable and provides a “passive suspension” with a smoother ride. New seat mounting adds rigidity to the trike increasing efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Speed and Comfort

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve included direct steering along with TerraTrike’s own “steering stack” that provides a responsive yet predictable steering experience. The GT also comes standard with a 24” rear wheel for higher top-end speeds, all while rolling more smoothly over bumps and retaining momentum. To top it off, the aluminum seat frame, handlebars and tie rod reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

The Gran Tourismo features an extended seat frame with an upgraded seat mesh. This is by far the most comfortable seat we’ve ever produced and will result in longer, more comfortable rides; featuring a breathable mesh and extra padding in “all the right places.” The extra seat frame length is contoured to give additional support and comfort. There is even a zippered pocket on the rear just large enough for a wallet, keys or cell phone. The front wheels use a rapid axle for easy removal for transportation; the seat, a single seat bolt for quick and easy seat removal; and a single hex key for both.

Pair all of that with the stunningly beautiful paint colors and you’ll be turning heads all day. The “wet” paint colors add more depth of color and are durable. Sparkle Gold and Sky Blue are the signature colors with limited edition colors being offered periodically.

Best of all, the Gran Tourismo accepts all TerraTrike branded accessories, including the Storage Solutions lineup of bags and panniers, making this the perfect trike for that cross-country adventure, your daily commute or the leisurely ride to your favorite local destination.

Watch The Terratrike Gran Tourismo “Laid Back Review”

You’ll love this trike. Customers of Laid Back have called the GT the BEST Production Trike for the Everyday Triker. The TerraTrike Gran Tourismo has exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine. This laid back cycle is sporty, comfortable and gives any rider the Freedom to Ride! Order a Gran Tourismo online or by calling Laid Back Cycles 916-619-1003

This is a very well-rounded recumbent trike, it’s quick, handles well, looks great and is very comfortable. What more do you need? With a 1,999 starting point it’s an

excellent value and dominates other trikes in its same price range. Of course, it’s subjective but in my experience selling trikes I think 1,999 to 2,999 is a sweet spot for many people and this one is super fun!

NEW Electric Recumbent Trike Motor – LBC Electric Review

James the lead tech reviewed the New Electric Recumbent Trike motor kit from Laid Back Cycles. The NEW LBC350 fits on Catrike, Terratrike, Greenspeed, HP and ICE. We do custom install of the LBC350 trike motor on any trike we sale at Laid Back Cycles. Also, if you have a trike that needs a motor we can install it on approved models. Call 916-619-5116 or see store for details.

Plus we can ship a trike with the LBC350 electric assist motor set up and ready to ride Nation-Wide!

The LBC350

Our latest motor the LBC350 works with a rack mount or you can use one of our custom battery mounts which places it with a little center of gravity right behind the seat and out of the way.

If you like to put a storage rack on top of the trike there’s a lot of space for that too. It come with a display that is very big with numbers that are easily readable and a backlight for twilight times and at night time.


There are up to five assist levels although most people are comfortable at level one. The 350 watts is enough to pull you up just about any hill with moderate to light pedaling.  The hub on the LBC 350 is a small compact unit which makes very little noise so they won’t hear you come whizzing by.


The LBC 350 is a class 2 motorized bicycle in the state of California, what that means is any motorized bicycle that doesn’t exceed 20 miles an hour is legally a bicycle everywhere in California. That means you can ride it on the bike trails or on the bicycle greenways as long as there are no posted signs that say you can’t.


Our latest motor the LBC 350 allows anyone to ride longer, get a better workout, and conquer those hills that have been a problem. Laid Back Cycles gives you the freedom to ride… see you on the trails!

Live Interview – Catrike 2019 Lineup – At Interbike Bike Trade Show

Live Interview Catrike 2019 Lineup at Interbike.

Live interview with Catrike of there 2019 Lineup at Interbike. Excuse the audio, it’s a little hard to hear. This year except they added a new trike, the EOLA…


Catrike 700 is designed to be fast and efficient

The 700 is designed to be fast and efficient. A low, aerodynamic body position and lightweight vertebrae-spaceframe put the rider it the perfect position to generate power and speed.

The 700c Thru-Axle rear wheel offers excellent power transfer, and high gearing gives you the shifting options needed to reach your personal best. Simple and thoughtfully designed, the 700 is engineered to move.

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Quarterly TRIKE RIDE on Sunday October 28th 2018

Join us Sunday October 28th 2018 for our quarterly TRIKE RIDE…

Location: The ride starts at 9:00AM from the Cal-Expo RV Parking lot located at 1010 Ethan Way, Sacramento CA. Then we will ride to William B Pond Park which is about a 7 mile ride one way.

Once we reach the park we will have snacks, mingle, laugh and have fun then ride back.

The Laid Back Cycles trike ride is an informal, semi-organized quarterly ride, primarily for recumbent trike enthusiasts and friends. It is open to all cyclists and does not require registration or fees.

The ride grew out of the enthusiastic community of recumbent fans formed through the LaidBackCycles.com customers. Please go to the LBC website (let us know you want to be invited to events on our contact page https://www.laidbackcycles.com/contact-us/ ) and Register to join the community and enjoy updated information about LBC events.

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NEW Catrike EOLA First Look … Trike News Fix

Catrike is launching a entirely new recumbent trike for 2019… Its the Catrike EOLA. I asked what Eola means when I was at the Interbike show and Catrike said it was a homage to Lake Eola in Orlando Florida where Catrikes are made.

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