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Greenspeed GT20

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Greenspeed GT20 is a new recumbent trike which is exceptionally easy to ride. GT20 was introduced at the 2015 Recumbent Cycle-Con show in Cincinnati. Four different riders claimed it was the best trike at the show. Moreover, the guy who bought its first prototype has claimed that he could climb hills in two gears higher than what he could do with his other 4 trikes.

This recumbent trike is a carefully engineered with light weight frame and low rolling resistance tires. Its efficient drive train gives exceptional performance, which make this recumbent trike a real joy to ride, for commuting, touring or just exercising and having fun.

Enjoy a Greenspeed GT20 recumbent trike at Laid Back Cycles in Sacramento, California.

We ship fully assembled Greenspeed’s in the US.


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