Bionx Electric Motor Kit


Bionx Electric Motor Kit (Installed)


Add a Bionx electric motor kit to your Laid Back Cycles recumbent tricycle. We can professionally install the kit on any Catrike or Terratrike purchased from our store. It’s great for commuting, fatigue issues, balance issues and more. Feel confident and relaxed and be able to once again enjoy the ride. With the power it helps you to ride hills and get across streets safely.

The price of the kit includes full installation and will get you riding in no time at all. We provide a 3 Year hassle free warranty on every kit we install.

We ship fully assembled Trike’s in the US.

You get the BionX 350 Electric Trike Conversion Kit! The 350 Trike Kit is the most powerful BionX kit available and can help you get out and about with ease. Hills? No problem! 65 Mile ride? No problem! 20 MPH? No problem! The new Bionx system helps with Proportional assist with 4 levels that help give you a safe and natural ride feeling. Did we mention how easy the S 350 Trike Kit is to operate?

BionX is back with the regenerative braking and generate mode, it can help to assist you on the descents while continually recharging your battery as you ride. Kits are available with 20″, 26″, and 700c wheels.

BionX knows you don’t want to be weighed down by battery packs so they have built the Conversion kits to deliver the most power and staying lightweight while staying noise and vibration free. Got a huge distance ride coming up? BionX has you covered with Li-Ion batteries that can take you up to 65 Miles on a single charge!

The New BionX Systems also includes Deep Sleep mode. The Deep Sleep mode helps give you a longer shelf life on your battery by preserving energy when you’re not using it, you can manually turn this on or it will automatically turn on after a long period of inactivity and store your fully charged battery for up to 18 months! Incredible.

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